Regional Vice President 
ANGEL OLVERA           

About Me

Picture of myself

Hi my name is Angel Olvera. I grew up in the streets of Los Angeles, CA. I don’t come from money but I’ve always wanted to live a lifestyle people dream about. Not graduating from high school, I had to find something. I started a career in custom wood working. During that stage in my life a co-worker introduced me to Network Marketing and it changed my life.


I devoted a lot of time and dedication into that business. At the age of 23, I hit the 2nd highest position with that organization. I accomplished this in 6 months and decided to go full-time and have been full-time ever since.


In August 2007, one of my good friends introduced me to Kyani. I was a bit skeptical, but I had to see what she was doing. I was open-minded. I looked at the company overview and honestly, I got excited. I found out that the Health & Wellness Industry is projected to be the next Trillion Dollar Industry by 2011 and I truly believe it due to a more health conscious society. I know one thing in business and that’s timing and positioning and Kyani is at that point. I had to make a move.


I was excited about making that move and thanks to that decision; I now live an amazing Lifestyle with Freedom. In the last 3 years, I’ve helped thousands of team members walk away from their jobs and experience a Lifestyle with Freedom. The Kyani product line has been able to help a lot of people improve their health and live a healthier lifestyle.


So now, I have questions for you,”How many more tomorrows is their going to be? Are you ready for change?” You also can do the same for others by joining us and it would be my honor to coach and mentor you in this wonderful Kyani journey.